Thursday, February 4, 2010

January Week 5

Monday 1/25
Longed 20 minutes. Was going to ride, but the lights went out in the barn. The barn owner got it all figured out but not until after we put the horses away.

Tuesday 1/26
Pretty good ride, maybe 45 minutes.

Wednesday 1/27
Lesson with Leslie. Went pretty well. Pandora really wants to lean down and on my inside rein...very difficult to get her to carry herself but I think more lessons will really help.

Thursday 1/28

Friday 1/29
Longed. Didn't have time for much else, we had a HM study session for Pony Club. It was a good session, though - did it outside which seemed to help with forward. Her canters were actually nice and light in both directions. It was a good workout and she broke a light sweat.

Saturday 1/30
Pretty good ride - 45 minutes or so. I am not sure if I'm applying what Leslie showed me correctly, but I was focusing really hard on riding straight with my body. It was hard for both of us, but when I asked for a canter transition, it was wonderful. I think this means we're on the right track.
Rode McKinna too. Canters way improving.

Sunday 1/31
Longed for maybe 15 minutes after we finished with stalls and feeding. It was getting dark. Not the best session but I chalked it up to poor visibility and let it go.

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