Sunday, January 10, 2010

January Week 2

Monday 1/4
Went out at 9AM. Gave 2g bute mixed with applesauce. Pandora not terribly pleased but once I caught her she was fine. Free-longed her around the arena at a trot and she looked great. Wonder if the joint supplement is working already? Brought her into the center and spent some time just rubbing her head and neck. Didn't try to touch the poll but the area behind her ears seems less tender than yesterday - as long as I don't push, she doesn't mind being touched.
Turned the girls out.
Went back out at 4pm to bring in. She was pretty much normal for haltering. She's looking really good lately. Her hooves are holding up to barefoot extremely well and her gaits are getting smoother. Just have to wait for her darn head to heal up.

Tuesday 1/5
Free-longed for 15 minutes with a ground pole on the rail on one side. She was very good. Had to work a bit to make her keep cantering in laps and over the ground pole - it's hard with one person - but she was good about it and was adjusting herself nicely to the pole. Would like to set up a chute and try some free-jumping at some point too, but the arena's a bit hard.
Practiced asking for inside turns, which I think are much smoother and more focused than abrupt outside turns. Did them from the right fine but not from the left. From the left I ended up stopping her, walking up, physically turning her head with my hand, and then asking her to go. After 5 or 6 times, she suddenly understood and voila, inside turns.
Administered ~2g bute in applesauced syringe, probably for the last time. I am able to touch almost everywhere including her poll now. Even pulled a bit of the forelock hairs away but they were a little stuck to the dried blood (!) and she wasn't too thrilled about that.
Normal for haltering again.
Me: ran 1 mile.

Wednesday 1/6
Supposed to ride in a lesson with Leslie Chapman but since I haven't been riding her due to her injury, I took McKinna. Had a great ride on McKinna though!

Thursday 1/7
Free-longed. Inside turns now confirmed.
Me: 2x10 pushups.

Friday 1/8
Didn't go out.

Saturday 1/9
Did a short ride - just attached reins to the halter because I am sick and didn't want to deal with trying to bridle her. Wanted to test out my mom's new dressage saddle, a Kieffer. Fits Pandora nicely and seems to put my legs in a good spot.
Rode McKinna in my new Thornhill dressage saddle and liked it better, more comfortable. Going to try Pandora in the Thornhill and McKinna in the Kieffer next time we ride.
Me: 2x10 pushups.

Sunday 1/10
Bridled and rode in my Thornhill. She was 100% fine for bridling. I like the Thornhill better than the Kieffer - it is softer and I think it has a narrower twist. Not sure if it's too narrow for Pandora or not.

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