Sunday, January 17, 2010

January Week 3

Monday 1/11
Longed 30 minutes, w/t/c. Still spooky at the far rail but not as bad, worked through it.
Would like to build a set of 4 - 5 cavaletti so we can do more work with those; less risk for stepping on/rolling them and you can set them high for canter cavaletti. They are included in our training schedule, anyway.
Called farrier and chiro today, hopefully appointments sometime next week.
Me: 2x15 pushups.

Tuesday 1/12
Good ride, maybe 30 minutes, just walk-trot. Liking the new saddle but Pandora is feeling kind of bleh at the trot. I led her up and down the Scary Aisle before I rode and she was WAY better about that side...just decided to be terrified of the bulldozer and truck sitting just outside the portion of the arena where the upper wall is just open air. She was good about working through it though. I figured it was just another schooling session to learn that the Judge Stand Monster isn't going to eat her.
Tomorrow is dressage lesson on McKinna, then I get to ride Thursday but I'm heading for the ABC retreat on Friday. It seems like we keep taking two steps forward and one step back these days, but I know we'll get there.
Me: 2x15 pushups.

Wednesday 1/13
Lesson on McKinna went well.
I think these frequent lessons are good for both of them in terms of attachment issues. They tend to be a bit herdbound to each other, but neither of them fussed much tonight.

Thursday 1/14
Farrier appointment. Didn't need much taken off and everything looks good.

Friday 11/15 through Sunday 11/17
I was away at the ABC retreat; didn't ride.

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